Simone Rossetti, a Milan born singer/songwriter and teacher of science decided to move to the municipality of Morbegno, a small town in Valtellina, after a life spent in a big city.  Although he had been going to the Alps since he was a boy, both to Val Canonica and Valtellina, he realised that the everyday life in those places is very different from being there on holiday. 


In the upcoming lecture he will introduce some of the perks that he has gained from this change and take you on an introductory journey among some of the main towns in the valley like Morbegno, Sondrio, Tirano and Bormio, the last of which will also gather international attention with the upcoming 2026 Winter Olympic Games. 


You will gain a better understanding of the nature and natural wonders of the surroundings, the active lifestyle options that the area has to offer and of the areas most important agricultural production, including an overview of the typical Valtellina cuisine.