Who was Rita Levi Montalcini and why was her contribution to the scientific and social world so important? Talking about a character like Rita who made history is not easy and that is why I asked her words for help. Thanks to them we will retrace her story together, her life, her 103 years, her studies and everything that made her famous in the world and illustrious in Italy.

Rita Levi Montalcini was a woman, a neurologist, an Italian academic, a Jew, a senator for life, a Nobel Prize winner for medicine, a scholar, a lover of culture and a supporter of the younger generations and their hunger for knowledge. She said to them ‘I wish young people the same luck that led me to detach myself from my own person, but to always pay great attention to everything round me, everything in the world of science, without neglecting social values.’

This and much more … was Rita Levi Montalcini.